Book Signing at Hungarian Kosher

Memoir/Cookbook Launched at Hungarian Kosher Foods


On Sunday, September 7, 2014 we held a book-signing to launch my memoir/cookbook, Food Family and Tradition: Hungarian Kosher Family Recipes and Remembrances at Hungarian Kosher Foods in Skokie, the all-kosher supermarket founded by my parents, Sandor and Margit Kirsche. On that same day we held our annual Pre Rosh Hashana wine tasting of more than 20 varieties of kosher wine. Gourmet pastries were available for customer sampling, and a balloon artist created fantastic animals for children. As the store filled with shoppers, people gathered around our book table display with copies of the book and tastings from two of the recipes.

My mother, Margit Kirsche, was there to answer any questions, give cooking advice upon request and to sign the books. My brother, Ira Kirsche, who worked closely with my father throughout the years and runs Hungarian Kosher Foods today, was on hand, offering his personal experience and expertise. The staff of Hungarian Kosher Foods, as well as my family including my husband and my grandchildren, were there, giving much-needed help with all the details. My editor, Nancy Ross Ryan, discussed the journey of writing a book, and specifically the journey and challenges, for her, of writing this book. I talked about the goals of the book, why I wrote the book and my journey as well. It was amazing, exciting and overwhelming to see my dream of weaving together the stories of my parents’ lives and their recipes finally become a reality.

The foods that we prepared and served were simple, yet so authentically Hungarian and reminiscent of their Eastern European “home.” My father’s favorite, lekvar, plum preserves, which can only be made when Italian plums are in season, was prepared three different ways; with no sugar, with a bit of sugar and with more sugar. And we compared it to commercial prune butter, a very different flavor. We also served Körözött, an authentic Hungarian cheese spread made with fresh farmer’s cheese and good Hungarian paprika.


Writing the book, start to finish, from the first tentative word to the final printed 280-page tribute to my parents and to all Survivors of the Holocaust, took me three and one-half years. When I hold it in my hand I realize how worth the effort it was. It was truly time well spent!





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